Winter Driving Safety Tips

December 5th, 2018 by

Are you prepared for driving safely this winter? From icy roads to snow storms, New England is well-known for having powerful winter weather. While you prepare for the cold winter upon us, practice these six useful tips to protect you and your vehicle this season:

  1. Get emergency ready. Equip your vehicle with an ice scraper, an emergency kit (jumper cables, first aid kit, flashlight, cones, etc.), snow shovel, sand, and salt.
  2. Use winter/snow tires. Winter/snow tires perform the best in cold, snowy conditions compared to all-season tires due to the better snow traction as they are made specifically to handle ice and snow.
  3. Automatic car starter. An automatic car starter serves a beneficial purpose of  defrosting all of your windows and warming up your engine prior to leaving your vehicle parked for countless amounts of hours. When using an automatic car starter, turn the defrosting settings on to defrost your windows and never start your vehicle while your vehicle is indoors.
  4. Vehicle free of snow. If you need to drive your vehicle during a snowstorm, make sure that your entire vehicle is free of snow before driving. This includes your license plates being visible, lights, reflectors, mirrors, windows, roof, hood, and wheel wells.
  5. Headlights on. Keep your headlights on while driving in a winter storm to improve visibility as a driver and aware other drivers that you are on the road.
  6. Service check-up. Ensuring that your vehicle has a comprehensive multi-point inspection is critical to stay safe on the road. At Westboro Toyota, we perform a $0 pre-roadtrip check-up that includes fluids, belts, hoses, filters, battery, brakes, radiator, tire pressure, tire tread, A/C, and wipers.

For more information on installing a remote starter, new winter tires, and performing a complimentary pre-road trip check-up, click here to schedule your service appointment or contact a service technician by phone at 888-336-4745. Westboro Toyota services vehicles throughout New England.

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