Toyota genuine accessories you must have this fall to personalize and protect your car.

October 18th, 2018 by

Your Toyota will be with you through all of the travel this fall. From weekend road trips to daily work commutes, personalizing and protecting your investment should be top of mind. Enjoy a worry-free fall by equipping your vehicle with our five top Toyota genuine accessories that are crafted specifically for your make and model.

  1. All-Weather Floor Liners: Protect your Toyota’s interior from dirt, mud, coffee spills, food debris, sand, salt, and everything in between. With a rubber material that has a lip around the edge, the all-weather floor mats are designed to specifically fit your Toyota’s vehicle flooring. These mats are custom made for your specific Toyota vehicle and are in replace of the existing carpet mats. An added bonus for these mats are that they are easily cleaned by soap and water to remove any mess.
  2. Body Side Moldings: Protect the exterior of your vehicle from dings and dents with Toyota’s color-coded body side moldings. Each set of moldings is color matched to your vehicle’s exterior paint and is a stylish way to help protect other objects like shopping carts and other vehicle car doors from damaging the exterior of your vehicle.
  3.  Cargo Tray: Protect your precious cargo area with a tough, flexible cargo tray. This tray allows you to carry a wide variety of items as well as helping protect your cargo area carpeting. The Toyota Cargo Tray is made of a durable, easy to clean material that can be hosed or wiped off. It is skid resistant which can come in handy with groceries or items that need to stay still while driving. Additionally, this tray has your vehicle’s custom logo embroidered in the tray with a molded lip that lines the edges of the tray to contain any potential spills.
  4. Door Edge Guards: Help prevent door edge dings and chipped paint with installing Toyota’s door edge guards. Each set of door edge guards is color matched to blend in with your vehicle’s exterior paint color. These guards are compression-fitted to blend in seamlessly with the edge of your door to complement exterior styling.
  5. Paint Protectant Film: Preserve the fresh color of your vehicle’s exterior paint through the intense sun rays. When parking your Toyota outside on sunny, fall days, your paint is at risk for severe exposure. Protect the longevity of your paint color and reduce the risk of chips and minor dings by installing a paint protectant film.

For an additional list of Toyota genuine accessories, take a look at our full inventory here.

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