Buying a pre-owned car? Here are some tips before you buy.

October 25th, 2018 by

Purchasing a vehicle is one of the largest financial decisions you will make in a lifetime, besides a home, and ensuring that you have a happy balance between finances, wants, and needs for a vehicle is a major decision. Below are five tips to jumpstart your used car buying experience with your pocket in mind.

  1. Decide on a budget. Before starting your used car search, you need to decide on an “all-in” budget. This amount should include the vehicle selling price, any additional fees, personalization and protection accessories, and vehicle warranties. During this time, also consider if you would like to pay cash or finance your vehicle.
  2. Search pre-owned inventory. Now that your budget is set, this is where the fun begins. At this stage you can now search inventory online of your next vehicle. Filtering by price point, decide on what other vehicle filters you would like to set; year range, miles, CPO, make, model, style, and even color! Also at this time, consider researching the reliability of the vehicles you are interested in to get a sense of ownership costs down the road.
  3. Take a test drive. Congratulations on narrowing down your search! Before signing the dotted line, take a test drive. Could you imagine purchasing a home without taking a tour? Absolutely not. The vehicle that you will be driving and spending countless amounts of hard-earned cash on is just the same. Schedule your test drive 7 days a week here.
  4. Ask to see the CarFax. You’ve found the car, now you need to get to know it better. Asking one of our product specialists about your pre-owned car’s vehicle history will not only put your mind at ease but it could save you thousands of dollars. From motor vehicle accident history to routine maintenance service appointments, understanding your new purchase in and out never hurt.
  5. Consider a warranty. You’ve made it to the end of your car buying experience! Before taking the keys, ask your finance manager to go over the different warranty options and protection plans. Purchasing a used car is typically much more affordable in comparison to the new car model but, with service repairs (like new tires and brakes) and the vehicle close to being out of warranty, you will want to explore your options now.

As you dive deeper into your used car buying experience, do not hesitate to contact Westboro Toyota at your convenience. We are here to help answer any questions you have and help guide you in your exciting journey!

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